the garden

Scott and Frank pride themselves on the garden at the Farmstore which has been a labour of love for many years. Since the renovation of the dairy in 1991 when the garden was begun from a bare paddock it has evolved into the extensive rambling cottage style garden which exists today. Scott and Frank have been influenced by less formal Italian and English gardens and also by Scott's love of Maine.

The garden is certainly romantic with an abundance of climbing roses and wisteria and a variety of outdoor areas to wander and be secluded. The old concrete cattle yard of the dairy has been covered by a wisteria draped pergola and planted with crab apples. The table under the wisteria is always popular for long leisurely lunches and is always requested for bookings! Intimate tables are tucked away in other areas of the garden such as the rose-covered terrace or overlooking the river lagoons with a view to the distant Highlands Ranges.

The trees throughout the garden range from copses of aspens to Canadian maples, beech, silver birch, flowering pear and crab apples. Hollyhocks and Californian Poppies happily self-seed throughout with indigo sage, sedums and Canna lilies flowering throughout the spring and summer. This garden is far from manicured and has a definite Mediterranean feel.

As with all gardens it is constantly changing and being developed. It has been also been a constant battle over the last few years with the droughts and lack of water (especially the terrible summer season of 2006/2007) and some heartbreaks with the loss of some beloved trees however Scott and Frank are committed gardeners and are not easily defeated. They have created an idyllic setting to while away an afternoon and enjoy sharing the results of their labour with their visitors.