the history

The property Koonongwootong was aquired in 1938  by Scott's grandmother Anne McKenzie Lawrance for her four sons to manage. The Lawrance family had been in the Yea district since 1912 and already owned a large property nearer the Yea township called Inverugie.

The existing dairy, now the cottage, was constructed in the late 1930's on the site of a former dairy run by the Ennis family, the previous owners of the property. Scott's father Robert Lawrance milked cows here from that time, originally with his three brothers, and then with his wife Shirley and family from the early 1940's until 1977 when they retired from dairying. Up to 100 head of dairy cattle were milked twice a day 365 days of the year.  Scott began renovating the dairy into the cottage as it is today in 1991 after many years of neglect and abandonment.

The stables were built in the late 1950's as exact replicas of the stables at the Royal Melbourne Show and were in use from that time until the early 1970's. The Lawrance family were keen horse people (Scott's father was in The Light Horse during WWII) and many a champion of the show circuit were stabled here. After the renovation of the dairy the stables were initially used for storage and were then renovated by Scott and Frank into the existing Farmstore & Café in 2005 to showcase their olive oil and olives from the grove.